Become Your Dream

become your dream betterI grew up living in New York City. I would often see a  saying drawn all throughout Upper Manhattan. The artist would write Become Your Dream on mirrors, couches and things left out for sanitation to pick up.

I would later find out this artist is named James De La Vega. He has worked for many years creating street art. He also has been a cultural figure teaching hope and inspiration.

The thought of becoming your own dream is hard for some of us. It is easy to dream something we want to achieve. When you work to make it happen there are all types of twists and turns.

It is possible to become your dream. This means to me to go out there and work on what is deepest in your mind, body and soul. You may have to go through a long track but always keep your goals and wishes in mind. One of the best accomplishments is loving the journey of working for what you desire.

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