The Middle Holds Value

Nature PhotographyMany of us enjoy the beginning of a new story. It is fresh and exciting. The end is also fascinating because it is the conclusion. This shares the importance of the middle of an adventure.

I am now 36 and many would say this is part of the middle of one’s life. The same thrill of youth is becoming replaced with the reality of living as an adult. This means handling more responsibilities, taking care of my children, wife and learning to be dependable.

We often experience many aspects which have a long road. The middle is usually the time to keep pressing on even when you don’t see the finish line in sight. It takes more effort to work day in and out during this time. You must develop the faith to believe the efforts will one day lead to the final result you desire.

This reminds me of farmers and how they must plant many seeds and wait for them to grow. They learn with experience that their work will lead to a full harvest of crops. It is a huge skill to be patient when you do not see everything happening the way you want.

My final lesson for today is to remember how valuable you are. You may be a friend, child, parent, sister, brother or be vital to someone else. If you are struggling please know there are many who care about you. Even if you are alone please know God believes in you and supports you keeping a good attitude. Thanks for sharing this lesson with me and I wish you an amazing day.

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