Lessening Anxiety and Social Fears With Bipolar Disorder

Many of us struggle with anxiety. It seems that being nervous is quite common. The problem is this leads us to isolate and not interact with others. Many of our best experiences are shared with others.

We benefit from connecting and helping each other. There is a piece inside us that longs to interact together. This is why it is vital to seek help and not abandon your relationships.

It is helpful to accept what you are feeling. Many go through times of great fear and pain. It is so important to find  a good therapist to work on these issues. You may also benefit from taking small steps to meet others.

This weekend I want to share about two wonderful organizations. They offer free groups where you can find support and meet others. They are at:

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: http://www.dbsalliance.org

National Alliance on Mental Illness: http://www.nami.org

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