The Path Towards Success

sunsetThere seems to be this feeling that success is something that instantly happens. It may seem that one moment or opportunity provides the fuel to rocket us towards our dreams. The reality is often much different than the fairytale.

In my life, I have met some of the most notable figures alive. A few names include Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama, Frank Sinatra and many others. I used to believe that some great event would propel someone towards endless joy.

I began to research and learn that this is unlikely. It is often the culmination of years of work which develops into achievement. Many who begin to see accomplishments then must work to keep moving forward. There are endless stories of setbacks and problems which could take away the fruits of efforts.

The best lesson I have learned is to be persistent. This includes picking yourself up after facing a problem. It also shares that each experience has some value within it. You may find a severe struggle teaches patience, understanding, optimism and maturity.

You have the potential to accomplish your goals. It doesn’t matter if you have failed before. Please know you are able to keep trying and move towards a higher level of hope and peace. The adventure of life is best when we are laughing, loving and letting the light in.

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