Finding Fulfillment With Work

loveThere are many clients who have called to talk about their careers. They often are so creative and have felt stuck with their jobs. I remember a beautiful African American woman who had a high level sales job. She was making a great living but felt anxious.

We began to work on her life. She loves being a mom and spending time with her son. Our talks focused on what excited her as a child. Her eyes lit up when she spoke about watching lawyers on television. It was her early dream to go to law school and work defending others.

She eventually decided to go back to school in the evenings. Over several years, she was able to obtain her law degree. Even though it was a long path she eventually saw a high level of success. It is so important to look deeply within and figure out what your true calling is.

Many times the sorrow or sadness inside is because we are on the wrong path. Our heart and mind knows there is something else out there for us to accomplish. There are so many examples of us learning to shift our choices. Please know it is never too late to begin again.

It is possible to grow and obtain the long term desires within. Many times it takes courage to start something new. We are capable of so much and it is always worth it to keep trying. You are given permission to explore and evaluate your next steps.

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