Not Accepting Fearful Thoughts

sunThere is a historic quote by Aristotle that says “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”. This is one of the reasons we must not let fearful thoughts hold us from our potential.

When we are nervous or worried we live in a state of confusion. We are doubtful and have trouble enjoying life. It is possible to think a negative thought and then turn it around.

I was taught in therapy the changing the channel technique. If you were watching a program on tv and didn’t like the show you would find the remote control and decide to choose something else. Why would you continually view something you hate?

Our minds have some parallels with television. I have taught many patients to close their eyes and focus on something uplifting. It may be a beautiful park, the beach, spending time with a loved one or any happy memory. They then get a visual picture of this moment and take a snapshot in their brain.

When they are feeling upset, they begin to change the channel and see the happier image. It usually stops the anxiety and works towards a sense of calm. It may take time to learn this but it is a very valuable lesson. We are capable of thinking and living with optimistic and encouraging ideas.

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