Mental Health and Motivational Mornings

sunWhen I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder I would sleep for long periods of time. I was on a large dose of medication and sad about my illness. I remember always feeling so groggy and not wanting to wake up.

I began to learn that the morning is a valuable time. I wake up early and make the best of the day. I now love the moments as the sun is coming up and my family is beginning to get ready for school and work.

Each new burst of sunlight is a gift. When you wake up tomorrow it would be wonderful to find a reason to be positive. You may focus on having a loving family, friends, roof over your head, clean water and enough food to eat.

There is a great line in the film The Dead Poets Society where Robin Williams teaches children about Carpe Diem. The very simple definition is to seize the day. I encourage us all to remember this and enjoy the ability to savor this second.

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