Charlize Theron, Addiction, Abuse and Moving Forward

charlizeMany know of the beautiful and talented actress Charlize Theron. When we see her walking on Hollywood red carpets it may seem that her life is charmed. She is a true example of overcoming problems to see success.

In her early life, her father had a dangerous addiction to alcohol. This led Charlize to try and protect her mom during their horrible fights. It all came to a painful ending when her mom shot and killed her dad after a horrendous day when she was 16 years old.

Many would be so sad and give up on life after such a rough beginning. Charlize continued to pursue her gifts and wanted to be a ballerina. She made it to the famous Joffrey Ballet School. This goal was shattered after she blew out her knee.

She kept going and worked on acting and modeling. Her road to stardom was difficult. Charlize was barely surviving, living in a cheap motel and stealing bread from restaurants to eat. This did not deter her and she found a lifelong career in the arts.

The morale of this story is do not count yourself out. You may have a huge problem and feel there is enough reason to quit. It may be the cards you were dealt are not fair and frustrating. If you will seek help and press through the pain, you may one day see a brighter future. We rarely hear about how others struggle and face immense issues. Please know you are important and valuable.

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