A Time To Rest

sunMany of us are so focused on the responsibilities and work we must complete. It is so important to take time to slow down and remember to find peace in your journey. It may feel as if time is pressuring you but this is a choice.

You have the potential to take a few minutes today to catch your breath. It may mean sitting quietly and remembering what you are joyful about. It is possible to close your eyes for five minutes and let go of fears and worry. This weekend it may help to have some space to just be alone and forget about the problems you are concerned about.

Many times we do not know how to let go. We worry if we take some time to stop we will not be able to move forward. This is a trick the ego plays to tire us mentally and physically. The best way to sustain long term efforts is to create balance and calm within your mind.

I am going to follow my own advice and take a few minutes today to let go of stress and allow myself to recharge. This will help to give my mind the ability to be in harmony with the world. I wish you a great weekend with as much serenity and stability as possible.

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