Human Connection, Addiction, Bipolar Disorder and Depression

peopleI had a great discussion today about the importance of human connection. There are many who struggle to interact with others. When you face addiction, depression or bipolar disorder it is vital to find a way to stay part of a community.

Many of us rely on technology and there are some helpful benefits. It is also encouraged to spend time socializing in person with others. This may mean joining a local group, taking a fitness class, talking to friends or finding an activity to do with others.

In my own life, I learned that we all need each other. When we stay alone we begin to face problems that often accompany loneliness. This may mean addictions and problems from having too much time by ourselves.

Please know that it takes courage to be connected to others. You may have been bullied, rejected or hurt. It is still a major human need to be with those who care. I know that some of the best moments happen being around friends and family who understand your situation. Please hold onto hope and remember you are valuable, important and deserving of love.

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