How To Handle Bipolar Disorder and Parenting With Kindness

wpid-20140813_182920.jpgEach day I feel blessed to have two beautiful and healthy children. I didn’t always know I would be able to be a parent when I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It took many years to become strong enough to be ready to take care of another life.

Many times others ask how do they be a parent when they live with a mental health condition. The easy answer is it will take a large amount of work. The reality of parenting means many stressful situations which take a huge dose of patience to handle.

I have learned one vital rule which is helping me be a good dad. This is to try in every situation to show kindness. When my daughter is always wanting attention, I try to understand how being warm to her helps her feel loved. When my son is frustrated and crying I do my best to know that he wants compassion.

It is sometimes very hard to handle the many ups and downs in being a parent. I have seen one factor which is the most predictable indicator if children grow up well. It is they are clear that their parents love them unconditionally. This provides the child a safety net that helps them when they fall down.

I know that many of us do our best to teach our own kids. Please know it is wonderful gift to be able to create the next generation. If you try to be loving and kind you may build a family with a very strong mental foundation.

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