Eric Clapton and Handling Addictions

ericI met Eric Clapton several times when I was a teenager. I knew that he was considered one of the most talented guitar legends in music history. I’d eventually learn that Eric faced a very rough battle with addiction.

He was at one point spending over $15,000 a week on Heroin. He also passed out and had to be revived on stage. It is clear that his addiction could take away his talents and life.

Eric Clapton would eventually find treatment and rebuild his life. He went on to open a center to help others who face these severe problems. These days his musical gifts are shining brightly. It is for this reason we must seek help when we are struggling.

The facts are addiction does not discriminate. It impacts the rich, poor and those in the middle. My little brother died from a heroin overdose last year at age 27. It is for this reason I do my best to educate others. I hope others facing these problems have the courage to seek help and make positive changes.

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