Motivation, Mood Swings and Meditation

wpid-wp-1413297691487.jpgWhen you face mood swings you may not have the motivation to do many activities. This is why many of us stay inside, sleep often or do not work out. The issue is it often leads to isolation and sadness.

I began learning about meditation many years ago. It became a peaceful and serene way to slow down, remove stress and improve my energy. I will often take a few minutes to sit quietly and try to stop negative beliefs.

If you have never done this it is simple to begin. You may sit calmly on a bed, couch or nice chair. You then let your arms and body relax and let go. It is possible to take in a very deep breath, hold it and then blow out the air. When you do this three or four times you are beginning to meditate.

I often put on soothing music which helps me in my process. It appears doing this even once a day has a profound impact. If you have never done any of this I encourage you to try it out today. You may learn that this teaches you to feel calmer and slow down your own mind.

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