Walt Whitman and Helping Others

waltWalt Whitman was born in Huntington, New York which is right next to the town I grew up in. Walt has a historic home which I would drive by during my childhood. Whitman wrote many amazing forms of poetry, essays and journalism. Many do not know that Walt was an amazing teacher and a volunteer nurse for three years during the Civil War.

He would help care for the wounded, listen to their stories and write letters to the patient’s families. Walt’s own brother George was wounded at The Battle of Fredericksburg. It is clear that helping others was a great gift which allowed him to show compassion to the wounded.

When you face severe problems helping others is so powerful. We all need to be lifted up, motivated and encouraged. If you will spend just a few moments being of service to others you will lighten your own load.

This weekend you may choose to find simple ways to help. It may be opening a door for a stranger at the store, listening to someone who needs encouragement, or offering a smile. These seemingly simple acts may provide a lift to someone who needs it. If we all were there for each other in small ways we may make large amounts of progress. I wish you a weekend that is peaceful and fun.

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