Speaking Of Success With Mental Health

Albert Eintein in 1904, clerc at the Patent Office in Bern, Switzerland.When we think of Albert Einstein many think of a genius. We may have read about his amazing success as a theoretical physicist and philosopher of science. The fact that he did not speak for the first three years of  his life is not always mentioned. He was considered lazy by his elementary school teachers. The
educators felt he would not amount to much.

Albert kept thinking and would not let negative thoughts take him down. He marched to his own drum and eventually helped change our world. The lesson is that others may believe you won’t succeed. It is possible you have been experiencing problems which are so hard that you cannot find the answer.

In my own life, many counted me out from my severe battles with mental illness. I will never forget the top doctor who told my family to expect the rest of my life to be institutionalized. We would not accept a life of group homes, hospitals, being unable to complete school, and dreams being taken away.

I now work with many others who face a similar battle. I always share that there is hope. If you take the right steps, there is potential to rebuild. You may end up achieving many of your dreams and goals. I am proud of the five books, dozens of talks, counseling and other professional successes which have been achieved. My happiest accomplishment is seeing my beautiful wife and two healthy children.

Please know there are many tools and ways to handle issues. Many of our greatest history makers went through problems that seem catastrophic. Albert Einstein once said “The only source of knowledge is experience”. I find that our human potential is greater than we understand. If you will keep a positive attitude you may find you are stronger than you imagine.

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