Taking A Detour Towards Hope

riverThis was a very busy day at my office. I have many clients, projects and situations which needed my full attention. I also had to help my father with his medical care as he is possibly having a 16 hour surgery. I want to teach a great lesson which presented itself today.

My plan was to come home and watch my children so my wife could go to work this evening. I did my best to finish the many work tasks and then be home by 3:30pm. I was very happy when I arrived with just enough time for my wife Jennifer to leave.

My two children were so happy to see me. We went outside and played together for a few minutes. It was fun, joyful and everyone was in a great mood. It seemed as if my afternoon would be one enjoying my beautiful young kids.

I was ready to take my daughter Tyler to her class where she does cheerleading and gymnastics. She was so excited and ready to let out her energy. While we walked to the car it hit me. I didn’t have either of their car seats which were both in my wife’s car. She had left for work and was now over one hour away.

In that moment I made a clear decision. My daughter was crying and upset. I chose to stay calm and not be angry that I had forgotten to take the proper seats. I then took a deep breath and thought about what my options are.

I called my mother and asked her nicely if she was around. She happened to be in the area and was willing to drive my daughter to her class. Within a few minutes, they left and my daughter enjoyed the class. I walked with my son to the park. We had a great time playing, laughing and seeing other kids.

The lesson is do not be too hard on yourself. In the road of life, we will all make errors. I have learned that being mean or upset only makes problems worse. If you will take a few moments to think before reacting it may end up with a more positive result.

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