Hope and The City

nyWhen I was living in Manhattan many of my friends loved watching Sex and The City. It was so fun to see these beautiful women living an amazing adventure. Many viewers would love the sophisticated and interesting life portrayed on this classic program.

I share this to talk about the life of the lead actress. Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw, many projects and her marriage to legend Mathew Broderick. Many do not know that her earlier life was quite rough and challenging.

Her parents divorced when she was only two years old. Her mom would remarry and her stepdad was struggling to survive working as a truck driver. Sarah took up acting and dancing at a young age to help her parents and family.

Sarah Jessica Parker had a large family of ten people. Her mom was a teacher and it was not easy for the family. They were at times on welfare yet her parents encouraged her passion for the arts.

When she was eleven the family went to New York for an audition for a play on Broadway. Sarah and her brother were given a part and began their careers. She would go on to become an awesome actress. I met her early in her career when she was doing an Off Broadway play. She was so warm and kind.

Her story shows that we can achieve anything. You may be going through a hard time. It may be that your finances seem tough. You may have faced a loss that you don’t understand. Please remember your story is not over. If you keep moving forward you can rebuild.

I think many times we believe others have it so easy. Many see a star like Sarah and think her life must be amazing. We often don’t know the struggle and journey it took to eventually have this level of achievement. Please hold on to hope and never give up!

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