Happiness Is The Key To Mental Health

wpid-20150228_194943.jpgMany want to understand how to be happy. I was recently reading a book sharing about the author’s journey of facing addiction. She spoke about searching for something in life that would let her be joyful. It caused much pain when she tried to use drugs, love, and money to fill voids deep inside.

The best lesson she shares is that many parts of true joy are not found in other things. The real part of peace and feeling alive comes from within. There will be no event or situation which makes you good enough. We all have talents and abilities which are unique to our own purpose of living.

I remember earlier in life feeling very insecure. My ego told me if I achieved something great then I would be worthy of love. I finally realized that I must authentically accept and love myself. I did a great amount of work developing my own sense of self esteem and letting go of control.

The key to mental health is finding the way to overcome your fears, doubts and inner critic. This will be a journey that is well worth the effort and energies. You may find the true person inside you is meant to find joy in the simple moments.

I found great serenity sharing this day with my dad, wife, stepmom and some friends. I’m so happy to be able to connect with those who were a big part of my life. I also find that being an adult has allowed me to grow and reflect. These days I am happy knowing that happiness is something you must develop within.

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