Showing Kindness To Family and Friends

Naturepreserve2My parents have worked hard to show me kindness and love. When I was sick with bipolar disorder they showed endless warmth. I am so happy to be doing better and now have my own family.

I am going this weekend to visit my dad who is facing some health issues. I know my best gift is to bring him hope. We all do need each other and our relationships are very valuable.

If someone close to you is having a hard time please be willing to encourage them. The simple act of saying s you care may make a major difference in their lives. We all have moments where we feel overwhelmed or tired.

When we are helping each other it makes us feel connected. The true meaning of success is learning how to care about others. When you do this, you will find that many will enjoy being a part of your life. You also have the power to lift up someone who is feeling very down.

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