The Longer Path To Mental Wellness

bookWhen I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder my instincts were to run. I was a teenager and the last thought was to accept that I have a mental illness. It would take several hard years before I changed my perspective and attitude.

I finally understood that without treatment I could not survive. I began to see that it was so important for me to do my best to move forward. I began to listen to the doctors, make sure to sleep properly and take care of myself.

I’d eventually slowly and steadily rebuilt my life. I went social work school and became a therapist. I worked for many years helping other families who face mental illness or addiction. The best lesson is to know you have the potential to move forward.

Even if today seems very rough, it will not always be this hard. You may also benefit from just doing your best for this moment. We don’t really control tomorrow and it will always be an unknown.

I heard a great interview with a singer who has addiction and mental illness. They asked her how she handles the many projects she works on. Her answer was that her team only tells her what she has to do at each moment. This allows her not to be overwhelmed knowing how much work is left to be done. You may begin to learn how to stay present and do your best for this day. We wish you a great rest of the week and please keep moving forward in your life.

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