Learning To Navigate Parenting and Depression or Bipolar Disorder

wpid-20140813_182920.jpgWhen you have a child it is an amazing opportunity. It also takes a huge amount of work, effort and energy. Many ask me how to be a healthy parent when you face depression or bipolar disorder.

The first step is to make sure you take care of your own mental health. If you are struggling it is likely your kids will be impacted by your emotions. This is why seeking help for your issues is a vital step in taking care of your family.

The next step is to try and show love always. I was working for many hours this week. When I came home I felt tired. My kids were so excited to see me. They greeted me with love, hugs and joy. I made a clear choice to give them attention and let them know how important they are to me.

This is as simple as spending a few minutes asking them about their day. We also listened to some fun music and danced. I ended the evening cuddling on the couch next to my daughter and son. This helped me feel connected to them and showed me the reason I am working so hard.

We all want unconditional love from our parents. When you provide this you are giving the most valuable gift. Our children value love more than anything we could ever share with them. Please know they appreciate the efforts you place in caring for them.

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