The Past Teaching Us To Move Forward

mountain-climbing-wallpaperI remember in my youth wondering why I faced so many challenges. There were days I let myself feel depressed because I had experienced many hard situations. I will admit being kidnapped, having a mental illness and other issues were hard and difficult. I would eventually learn to change my thought process.

It became clear that many of us go through some type of very rough situation. This may mean losing someone you love, feeling isolated, facing a major health condition or being bullied. We all could have a reason to sit on the bench of our lives.

The best skill I have developed is persistence, motivation and having a positive attitude. I choose each day to make the best of whatever situations happen. During my work as a therapist at a drug rehab they taught about the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

One of the main steps is to surrender and ask a higher power for help. This means letting go of trying to control all situations. It may seem simple in theory but is much harder in action. When we no longer try to force situations we must learn to trust and accept problems when they arise.

During my learning and working at the rehab my own brother died at age 27 from addiction. I myself had to surrender and release trying to know why he could not have lived sober. I began to accept that his choices led him to an early death. I accepted that I must live my life to the best of my ability without him. While he died, I was working helping other addicts learn to live. It was no accident that I was put at that job during that time.

We may ask why we face such hard situations. There is often some very valuable lesson in what we experience. The movie character Rocky always inspires me. In the Rocky Balboa film there is a great line which says “It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”. I had a year like that last year but you can’t keep a winner down. I kept picking myself up and making progress. My life would greatly improve and I am a much stronger person for the challenges I encountered.

You have the ability to move forward from your past. Even if you were in darkness, it is possible to come into the light. If you will start today, you can grow and mature. Please know you are supported and not alone in your journey. We write these articles to share lessons with you and help create a community of motivation and inspiration. We will move forward together!

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