The Strength Of Kindness

balloonsWhen I was growing up there were sometimes bullies in my school. They seemed strong, confident and fearless. They would sometimes be nasty to other kids who were different. I think many of us thought they had power over us.

I began to study human thinking and learn about the nature of others. Many who act ultra confident are actually the opposite. It seems many who are rude or harmful to others do this out of insecurity. They believe if they put someone else down it takes away their own fears and weakness.

Many years ago I began being kind to all people. It makes me feel happy and I love being supportive towards others. Even when someone says something which is negative, I try to not become upset or angry. This took many years to develop the thick skin for this to work.

I believe true strength is in being kind. It is easy to be nice when someone is warm to you. When another human being is angry or hostile it takes more effort to respond in a calm or loving way. Many of these folks are actually wounded souls. They may have learned the wrong way to treat others.

Please know you are valuable and accepted. It doesn’t matter if others hurt or made you feel less than anyone else. You have a purpose and are needed in our world. I know you have an ability to contribute and we all need each other. When we come together and celebrate our strengths we all begin to make positive progress. I hope you have a great day or evening and remember that you are approved and worthy of love.

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