Bipolar Disorder and Improving Your Daily Attitude

blog11When you have faced bipolar disorder it would be easy to find a reason to be upset. I have learned that our attitude is probably the most important aspect of how we enjoy our lives. Many of us have a thought of what would make us happy.

I read an article sharing what amount of money or salary people say they would feel really excited about. The interesting piece was that many thought a magic number would satisfy them and turn them into feeling joyful. They believe this would be the answer to loving life. They found many even huge earners felt there was a higher amount that would give them a sense of satisfaction.

There is a great quote by one of the wealthiest men in history. When John D. Rockefeller was the richest man of his day he was asked how much money would satisfy him. His answer was “One more dollar”. This proves that for some happiness will come not from what you earn.

I find that feeling purpose, connecting with others, being hopeful and achieving is a better way to keep score. You may even find that when you have a mental illness you also have a great gift. It is likely this ability will help you produce a nice living and also help you feel happier. Many of us are very creative and have amazing talents. I find when these are channeled into something productive we have a huge potential.

Please know life is a long journey. What you are doing today may change in six months. You may benefit from keeping a good attitude, trying your best and enjoying the simple moments in your day. There might just be an opportunity, lesson, or friend made in the journey. Every situation we encounter has the potential to teach us something. What is the lesson you are currently working on and how can you move forward? These are often the problems we must work to find a solution to.

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