Making The Most Of Mondays

sunEach morning we wake up with a choice. It is easy to focus on the problems, issues and stress in your life. When I was younger I would often wake up and hit the snooze button and fight waking up. This would cause me to not embrace the morning and want to stay in bed.

When my younger brother died last year at 27 it changed my thought process. I began to realize that waking up is a gift. I no longer take each day and moment for granted.  I now wake up feeling appreciative and thankful.

I focus on the fact that I am healthy, have love around me and have survived my mental illness. I think of three things each morning that I am able to enjoy. This often includes having a place to live, fresh water and clothes. The simple process of beginning Monday focusing on the good has shifted my whole week. I now look forward to getting out of my bed and being productive. Here is to a great week wherever and whatever you are doing!

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