Making The Choice To Find Happiness

IMG_0025When I was younger there were many times I was upset. I would think about some of the tough problems that happened in my life. I would use excuses to allow myself to feel pity. This held me back from moving forward.

I was extremely ill with bipolar in my teens. There were two years of being in and out of the psychiatric hospitals. During those two years, I lost my freedom, friends, pride and self esteem. I felt so hurt and disappointed. I realized if I kept in this manner my life was failing.

I began to pray and asked God to help me. Within a few months, I found an amazing psychiatrist. I was given a medication combination that worked. I slowly began to change how I handle my life. My goals were to be warmer, kinder and happier.

It became clear that I could have a great life. Over 20 years, my situation became a little better each year. I am married and love my wife. I have two beautiful children who are amazing and loving. I’ve shared my story all over the world helping others who face these issues. I have written books, been on television and helped many others.

The lesson is you have the ability to rebuild your life. If I could recover so can you. I know you may be facing a hard time. It is up to you to decide to fight and keep pressing forward. I never dreamed my life would eventually rebuild. The best lesson I’ve learned is to stay positive no matter what happens. When I was locked in the hospital I needed hope. I now know the person who became thankful turned me into the success I am today. You can do the same in your own life.

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