Addiction Cold Weather and Dealing With Bipolar or Depression

snow-fall-park-1920x1200When you live with depression or bipolar disorder you may find the weather plays a major part in your mood. Many times if stuck inside, we begin to feel bored. Our brains often worry or feel nervous when in the house too long.

There are a few tips to handle these problems. One is to do physical activity even indoors. You can run, stretch, dance and do push ups. It is valuable to let out your feelings and work on your body. You may also choose to listen to some inspiring lessons online.

The last part that is not addressed often is addiction. Many drink or smoke more when very cold. The reason is they feel it warms them up and is an outlet for feeling cold. I encourage you make sure you don’t go too far with alcohol or drugs because of the weather. It is also helpful to drink healthy and vitamin filled items. I often take some EmergenC to help fight germs and changes in the temperature.

I wish you a day of warmth and peace. If you ever want to learn about our affordable coaching program we are happy to help. You may call or text us at (213) 304-9555 or email

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