Don’t die with the music still in you

Hello. The title of my blog tonight is a book written by one of Wayne Dyer’s children. Wayne is a speaker and author who is well known throughout the world for his important life lessons.
This title really resonates with me. We all have unlimited potential but sometimes we settle for things that seem easy and better at the time. Many people go to a job everyday and lead a miserable existence because they hate what they are doing.
I believe it is important to take steps to really meet your true potential. It might not happen on your timeline but being persistent and goal oriented will eventually get you to where you need to be.
As long as you have faith in yourself that is all that matters. There will always be people who doubt you but who cares!
We are here for a reason and each one of us has gifts to give. I hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend. We are almost up to 10,000 viewers. Thank you for checking us out everyday. You are an inspiration to us!
Love, peace, and light,
Jennifer Levine

Tyler holding one of her Dad’s books in Barnes and Nobles. Proud daughter!

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