Understanding Success

BlakeLeVine1When I was young I learned to be very persistent in setting goals. My best skill was to keep trying and not give up. I used to think this might not be the best quality. There is a balance between being pushy and determined.

Once I became an adult I realized that determination is extremely valuable. I have faced thousands of rejections in many different situations. I learned early on that success is about how many times you pick yourself back up. When I was sick with bipolar there were many times I thought about quitting.

My positive attitude and skill kept me moving towards being healthy. I have learned that many others have faced obstacles and others saying they would not succeed. I heard an interview today speaking about founders of new companies. The leader shared that they found the most determined people are the ones who achieve.

This means even those with more talent might not obtain the high level of success as the one who dusts themselves off and keeps working towards their goals. You can use this in your own health. If you take small steps you can rebuild and be a winner in the game of life. Please know no matter how hard it has been you have the power to push through and make progress.

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