Sharing Kindness and Love With Your Children When Facing Bipolar or Depression

heartThis shares about showing kindness and love with your kids when you live with bipolar or depression. Your children need your attention, care, warmth and time. Do you remember when you were a young child?

The moments when you first come home are extremely important. You may find that focusing your attention on your family is vital to keeping your connection strong. I finished work today and my six year old daughter and one year old son both wanted my time.

I chose to focus on them first and then began to do the tasks I needed to finish. It is also smart to be loving and remember that they need you. If I was nasty or brushed them off they would likely feel upset.

Even if you don’t have children be kind to those you come into contact with. When you listen to someone, offer words of hope or smile you are adding value to the world. I find being extremely nice to others is a wonderful way to be. You usually receive back what you put out into the world. Wouldn’t we all benefit if kindness and warmth are shared wherever we go?

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