Words of encouragement

The words you use everyday carry so much weight. It is so important to speak words that are positive. Our thoughts, words we speak, actions and reactions all dictate our reality. We have the power to create our own reality. Everything that has happened in your life thus far is everything YOU have created. Think about different aspects of your life and determine if you view them in a negative or positive light. This will give you insight as to how you have been viewing these things. What do you need to do to change your belief system about certain aspects of life?
Thank you for reading our blog. We are getting readers from all over the world! Everybody has things they need to work on. We hope that you are reading this blog and getting some inspiration and hope towards whatever issues you are facing.
Hope you choose to make it an awesome week.
Love, peace and light,
Jennifer Levine

The principles in this book are life changing. I highly recommend it!

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