Thank You Joel Osteen

Sirius XM Holdings Inc Joel OsteenI have for many years listened to motivational talks by Pastor Joel Osteen. His warm and uplifting sermons fill me with hope. I love his message of being kind and helpful to others. It also helps when I have problems to hear his encouraging words.

When my brother died last year I was shocked. He was only 27 and I was so sad. I continued to listen to even more of Joel’s messages and kept a great attitude. I was able to be there for my family and continue to be a good father to my children. Even though I was in pain, I kept an attitude of gratitude.

Joel Osteen and his family were having an event at The BB and T Center here in South Florida. My wife and I obtained floor seats and had an outstanding night. We heard lovely music, great messages of hope and met many nice friends.

They offered the opportunity to sponsor a child who lives in a poor country with little food and water. We decided to help a boy from India. As a special gift, they let me meet Joel Osteen personally. There were 1,000 people waiting to meet him and I was first in line!

I told Joel I help others with mental illness and his work has helped me so much. He smiled, gave me a hug and shook my hand. It was an amazing experience and I feel blessed for a great night. Thank you Joel Osteen for the wonderful work you do!

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