Sharing Kindness

free-good-morning-rising-sun-wallpaper_1024x768_84537 (1)I was asked by an amazing friend to help run his support group. His name is Lew and for many years he has dedicated his life to helping support those of us with mental illness. Each week he runs a free support group.

Many who attend share that Lew always calls them, is so warm, supportive and always in their corner. This week was his birthday and he asked me to come to his group. We together ran a great discussion and over 20 people shared their experiences.

I felt so lucky to be there for his birthday and we gave him a beautiful book sharing about true friendship. It was a great night and I wanted to thank him for the years of service he has given our community. At the end of the night we did Karaoke together and laughed and enjoyed a fun night.

If you need a free support group for depression or bipolar disorder please take a look at: There are also many great free local groups on


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