Pleasing Others Too Much With Bipolar Disorder and Depression

DepressionBookMany of us want to please others. When you live with depression or bipolar disorder you may feel that you hope everyone approves of you. The reality is there will be times when someone will not agree with your choices.

It is up to you to analyze and decide what works best for your life. Many times I have felt that I wanted to make everyone happy. The reality is if you focus on others too often, you may lose your own interests and needs. We sometimes harm our lives when we put ourselves last.

When I joined a weight loss group at work several years ago the teacher shared a valuable lesson. Many of us were social workers and cared greatly for our patients and family. We ate too much and harmed our own bodies. This is why we need to care about our own situations.

You may benefit from having a clear look at your life. It is your decision to work on what needs changing. You only need your own approval if you know what is genuinely best for you. I wish you much success and hope in your journey. Many of my books teach valuable lessons. They are all able to be found at:


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