Being Thankful

sunI feel very blessed today. My birthday is tomorrow and my family has been so kind. We’ve all been through so much together and they have been a huge support system for me. My wife’s dad came by for dinner and it was awesome seeing him enjoy his grandchildren.

It is so valuable to be thankful and appreciative for the love you have around you. When I was sick, I struggled to accept help. My family fought hard to help me. I have seen my clients have anger and resentment towards the parents that try to help them deal with mental illness.

The truth is no parent is perfect. I am now a dad and am learning that we try our hardest but will eventually make mistakes. Those who have kids don’t always have everything figured out. We try and do the best we are able.

If you have anyone around you who cares please know that is valuable. If you do not please know my team is always happy to support and coach you. We try to be the caring coaches who will listen and help you honestly face your situations. Please know I appreciate you reading this and wish you a good day.

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