The Power Of Optimism

wpid-20140912_074223.jpgI have seen others wonder why I am usually optimistic. The facts are I have problems and struggles as we all do. I made a decision a while ago to try and focus on the good within my life. I used to beat myself up mentally and it only made me feel sad.

I’ve learned over many years to focus on what is working. There will be times we make mistakes or don’t perform perfectly. I know as a parent you will never do everything exactly right. I notice being positive helps my kids. They don’t feel fear trying something new and making an error.

We have the power to start learning how to change our attitudes. It is possible to find light in any situation. The fact that you are here today is a gift. You may still be learning and figuring out your next steps. I believe you have the power to change. It is possible to accept yourself and let go of fears. Thank you for taking a few moments to read this. I wish you a great day and forward progress.


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