Repairing Relationships and Growing Stronger

free-good-morning-rising-sun-wallpaper_1024x768_84537 (1)I have worked with many clients with mental illness who share very stressful and hard family relationships. I know in my own life when I was mentally off my actions hurt my parents. When I rebuilt, I learned to show kindness and warmth.

There are many parents who call me saying they try so hard to help their kids with mental illness. They are sometimes screamed at, called names and abused by the children they are trying so hard to help. How do you help someone who sees you as an enemy?

The best lesson is to show love always. When someone is kind and nice it is easy to be warm to them. When someone is hurtful this makes us feel like being harsh back. The greatest goal should be to be loving to those who do not do the same towards us. They may not even understand how their actions or comments hurt you.

I wish you a peaceful and joyous day. If you are having a hard time please know you are not alone. We are happy to support your growth and you may call our coaching office anytime at (213) 304-9555 or email Thank you for taking some time to learn and find positive inspiration.


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