The Inner Wisdom and Mental Health

sunI have learned that we have inner wisdom that is very valuable. Most species have instincts which were created to help them survive. This includes being aware of danger, finding food and other situations where intuition is extremely valuable.

Many of us ignore or choose to not listen to these feelings. When I used to smoke cigarettes I knew in my inner wisdom that this was a poor choice. I have worked with many who have addictions and they share that they know bad habits are wrong for them. The problem is it takes a huge amount of willpower to break free from issues we know are negative.

I have found coaching others gives them a huge amount of support. We all benefit from someone in our corner supporting us as we move forward. There will be weak moments and having someone to talk to has proven to be a major help.

I’m proud my coaching has helped those who have broken addictions to heroin, crack, overeating, fighting with others and learning to find self love. The investment in our own health is probably going to yield the best long term return.

We are happy to help you in moving towards your goals. You may reach us at (213) 304-9555 and email We wish you a wonderful weekend with peace and joy!


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