The Palm Tree Lesson

palmI have lived in both Los Angeles and Boca Raton where there are many Palm Trees. The palm is a very interesting tree. In huge winds and even hurricanes everything shifts. The palm tree is able to almost bend over completely in half. Many other trees would break or die in these conditions. The palm always bounces back once the storm is over.

We are able to learn a valuable lesson. When there is stress, problems, fears and storms we can choose to be flexible. If we bend in the storm we can bounce back once it is over. We all have the ability to handle our problems. Many of the issues we worry about will be worked out.

You may feel as if life has been hard for you. Please know you are valuable, unique, and will bounce back. Our coaching program will help build you up and teach you to have the ability to keep going and growing. Please call our office at (213) 304-9555 and


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