Letting go of beliefs that no longer serve you

We all have feelings and beliefs that we believe to be true. Most of these things were taught to us when we are young, and we carry them all the way through adulthood. We must realize that some of these thoughts and beliefs serve no purpose for us anymore and it is time to let it go. We are constantly evolving so it makes sense that some of these beliefs and truths we have for ourselves don’t work anymore in our life.
No one said this is an easy task but just to be aware of this is a good start. Our thoughts, feelings and words dictate our future experiences. That being said, let’s try to eliminate the stuff that does not serve a purpose anymore and makes us feel bad.
I hope everyone has a great weekend doing things you love and things that make you happy.
Love, peace and light,
Jennifer Levine

The sky at sunset makes me feel good!

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