Words Of Encouragement

businesscardsI know many are facing tough times. My goal in this post is to share a few words of hope and encouragement. You are a terrific and wonderful human being. There are many who face problems but you are brave enough to try and work on them. In life, there are many obstacles and you have already survived so many.

You are loved, supported, cared about and valuable. It is your strength that has helped you make it to this point. It is clear you could have given up but you have pressed forward. I believe in you and hope you will keep trying.

It took me many years to handle my mental illness and it was a long and rough road. The best lesson was to go slowly and learn to be patient. This has helped me more than any lesson I ever experienced. You are growing, changing, developing and moving forward. When the plans you have are not being met please hold on to hope. You may find that you will look back and feel joy that life worked out in a better way than you planned for.

There is great truth in the saying when one door closes another will open. You may just begin a new journey that leads you to more joy, peace, prosperity, and hope. I have learned that being open to all possibilities is vital. You never know how something simple may lead to what you want.

I wish you a great day and please know you are valuable. We all need each other and your worth is not decided in dollars, status, or prestige. We are all here for a unique purpose and it is vital you find yours.

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