The Healing Power Of Music

In the evening, there is a quiet time where my young children have fallen asleep. I spend a few minutes listening to some of the music I enjoyed when I was growing up. I find peace and joy listening to the songs that were a major part of my earlier life. I remember the parties, friends, adventures and care free days when I heard them.

I listened to research sharing that they did an experiment with seniors who have severe health conditions. They found popular songs from many years ago when the elderly folks were growing up. They listened and it led them to have less depression, improved their cognition and brought them joy.

In college, I explored these topics by creating a program called Rap Therapy with The Salvation Army. We did a program which was turned into a documentary film. It was later optioned by the producer of the motion pictures Dragnet and Face Off. We met with many notables including Russell Simmons, Diddy, 50 Cent, Ludacris and many others. It even led to meetings with the heads of Sony, Fox, MTV, A&E, ABC and many other companies. It was a fun adventure and my hobby of rapping helped inspire many inner city children.

I encourage you to take some time to listen to those songs which you grew up on. You may just smile and lighten your stress remembering a simple time. It reminds me the days before working, kids, family and the wonderful adventure of being an adult. Here’s to the music!


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