Being Healthy in 2015 and Staying Positive

Something that has helped me when I am feeling down is expressing gratitude for my health.  I am practicing gratitude for everyone- big and small.  Health is the foundation for everything.  It is the new year and it would be a good idea to schedule a check-up.  Getting some basic labs and an EKG to look at your heart would be a good idea.  Making an effort to keep you healthy is so important and should be a priority.

Also, schedule a time for exercise.  This is important for your physical and mental health.   It is unbelievable how 30 minutes of physical activity can change your whole day.  Exercising in the morning is particularly beneficial because it starts your metabolism off on the right start.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  We have hit over 8,000 views and that is unbelievable!!  It is what keeps us coming back day after day to share our thoughts.  We hope in some way that you are finding this beneficial and helping you through life’s up and downs.

Love, peace and light,

Jennifer LeVine


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