An Important Lesson For Mental Health

helenI have had several clients feel as if they are failures. They often feel as if having a relationship fail, financial problems or issues means they are in some way not good enough. I have had the honor of meeting Presidents, Cultural Icons, Business Leaders and some of the most accomplished people within our world. Many have had huge failures and went through horrible traumas.

The truth is all of us will go through those moments where we wonder if we can continue. Those who win are usually ones who have the bravery to face the problems head on. This means looking at what is happening and asking what can be done to improve the situation. It might mean turning around your views and finding hope in the darkness.

My mother’s best friend was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer several years ago. I was in my teens and focused on my own life and issues. I will never forget the last few months of her life. She knew her death would be soon. When we visited her she would laugh, smile and fill us with hope. Her choice was to die with calmness, kindness and sharing moments with those who love her.

This woman whose name was Helen taught me one of life’s most valuable lessons. You can decide how you respond to any situation. She was told she would die and it doesn’t get more severe than that. She lived her life the way we all should everyday. She was sharing love and living life to the fullest. When she died she touched all of our lives and taught us grace in darkness.

I encourage you to live today with all of your heart. If you need help please know you don’t have to hide it and battle alone. Our coaching program is a fantastic way to have our team motivate and encourage you. We will also listen and give you someone to vent the frustrations and feelings you face. Please feel free to call our office at (213) 304-9555 or email


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