A wink from up above

I firmly believe that we are all on a path that was specifically designed for us. There is no such thing as coincidences. Many times in my life things that seemed coincidental were not at all. I recently received a wink from up above. When I think about my life in these terms, I feel that I can relinquish some sort of control and just go with the flow.
Can you think of something in your life that was a wink?
We are almost up to 8,000 views. Wow! Blake and I are honored to help you and give you some of the things we are learning along the way. Feel free to check out our website blakekevinecoaching.com for more information on our coaching services. We would love to help you in any way possible.
Love peace and light,
Jennifer Levine

Cozumel, Mexico 12/14


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