Anger is a wasted emotion

Anger only hurts the person who is angry. In my own life, I have a situation where someone hurt me and I express a lot of anger towards this person. I now realize that this is only hurting myself. I have to find a way to get my feelings across in a constructive way. If I express anger towards this person, I probably will just get anger back. Think about what makes you angry. Try to get to the underlying reason why this elicits such an emotion. Try to be aware of it at least and that is the start of trying to reverse this emotion.
Life is all about learning and seeing what things serve no purpose anymore. The hurt that I feel that I am expressing outwardly as anger certainly doesn’t serve me anymore. I am letting it go. Goodbye. Adios.
Happy new year to all of our readers. 2015 is a year of hope, prosperity, and happiness for all our readers. If you want a little help to better you in this upcoming year visit our coaching website
Love, peace and light,
Jennifer Levine



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