Relearning Habits And Choices

bookWhen we are young there are many habits we learn. There are some which we use to block pain, fears, anxiety and feelings of low self esteem. We may choose to use food, substances or other ways to hide from our feelings. This is where many of our problems come from.

I chose many years ago to learn to be more positive and to make better choices. It was a long and slow process changing the way I operated for 30 years. It became easier only with a long length of time changing. I eventually felt better and saw many areas of my life improve.

This New Year you have the potential to see many shifts. It starts with a clear choice that you will live in a different way. We always have choices and each day is a new beginning. I also know that having a guide is helpful. Our coaching program is a wonderful way to have help learning new patterns. You may learn about our program by calling (213) 304-9555 or email

Wishing us all a wonderful 2015!


Blake LeVine


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