Riding The Waves Of Life

wavesThere are moments where we must let go and learn to ride the waves. This does not mean you must give up or feel hopeless. I felt that last year there were many changes happening in my own life. Within a short time my brother passed away, my grandmother passed away, another grandmother had a big stroke, my wife was depressed, we had a new baby and the list goes on.

During this year, I figured out how to ride the storm out. I developed a strong sense of hope, purpose, kindness and joy. I also began to change some of the patterns which have hurt me. This includes eating healthier, cleansing much pain, learning to accept myself, helping many others and loving life. I began each day being thankful to be alive.

I know our ego sometimes wants to know “how”. This takes away the flow and removes faith. A big part of loving life is being able to trust even when you don’t know the answers. You may find that the solution arrives in a way you did not expect. I finish this lesson with a story of a man who was determined to partner with Thomas Edison.

The man traveled very far hoping to work with the famous inventor. They had a meeting and Edison was not ready to partner with him. He was given a small job that seemed very far from the partnership dream he had. There was a new invention Edison created that nobody else wanted to work on. The man volunteered and he took it to a whole new level. They ended partners and this is one of the first lessons on being open to changes.

This lesson is found in Think And Grow Rich which is an awesome book. If you have not read it, I encourage you to read it. It even is a great book to read again if you haven’t seen it in a long time. I wish you a great year. We are beginning a new class to teach about writing a book and blog in The New Year. We’re also taking on coaching clients to start 2015 with a fresh and brighter outlook.


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