Bipolar and Depression After The Holidays

IMG_0213Many of us look forward to the holiday season. We hear Christmas music, shop, celebrate and enjoy. When you live with depression or bipolar disorder the holidays are sometimes harder. You may feel upset thinking about loved ones who are no longer with us. I know losing my brother this year has made this time a bit emotional and brought back the many memories I shared with him.

There is also a manic element to this time of year. We all get built up and celebrate the season. The most important piece is to go slowly with your choices. This includes learning to not push yourself so hard that it is difficult to resume. I choose to take a small amount of time off from work and allow myself to relax. I have young children so I still have family work. The slower days allowed me to return to work today with a peace and a positive attitude.

I also know that slow and steady wins most races. If you will consistently work, take care of yourself and make changes you have a better shot at success. There are many who make resolutions and do perfectly for a week. They then give up and resume the negative patterns they hope to change. How about making smaller and more achievable tasks to move forward? I lost 20 pounds over 2 years by eating a little bit less and doing 30 minutes of physical activity. It wasn’t hard and the longer time taught me to develop new patterns. I wish you great success working towards the goals you want to achieve.


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