Lean On Us

IMG_0192This morning I started thinking of the song Lean On Me. It made me remember how we always go through situations where we need support. I am not ashamed that many times in my life I struggle and need assistance. My wife also faces depression and there were times she needed help. When you live with a mental illness you are not the only one who faces hard problems.

One of the main choices in our lives is to decide how to face our issues. My biggest lesson is to not be isolated and to pretend that I can handle everything. The true strength within us is when we admit we are having a rough time. This allows us to seek assistance and work through what we are experiencing.

If you are feeling alone please know you can lean on us. We are back to blog each day and share lessons. We also have a wonderful coaching program where we support and work with you each day to help you rebuild. You do not have to face your situation alone. I pray you look in your heart and realize how beautiful you are. When you face problems it is easy to feel worthless. Your value and light is something we all benefit from. Please know there are people who care and will not give up on you.

If you would like to learn about our coaching program please call us anytime at (213) 304-9555 or email us at blake.levine@aol.com. Thank you for having the courage to continue. We will work together to make 2015 a positive year of hope and inspiration.

Blake LeVine


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